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Even big people need to dream. Walk through your storms with transition coach and movement expert, Kirsten Schowalter

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We do things a little differently here because no matter where you've been and what's happened before, I believe that there is so much still…
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Have you ever felt like you're in the middle of a storm?

Like your wheels are spinning, street signs are no where to be seen, and your best effort to catch everything coming at you leaves you choking on water?

I have an umbrella for you right here.

As a transition coach, my role is not to tell you what or how things work.

We walk together through your storms uncovering your intuitive wisdom to find your way.

We identify what's stopping you from moving forward and transform those blocks into clues about where you want to go.

We cultivate support systems in your daily life so you don't have to wait until the storm passes to start feeling alive again.

We navigate how to shift with your community so that you can become more connected with the people who care about you most.

There is no right way.

We discover your way together in an open and welcoming space so that you can venture into deep waters that hold your truths and find your way to shore again with new clarity in hand. 

It starts with a discovery.

Your Discovery Call is a complimentary 30 minute meeting, usually an online video call, where we'll get to know each other. We'll establish where you've been and envision where you want to go. This is the time for us to determine our goals and priorities for working together. 

This is our guiding principle:

You know best.

You are whole exactly as you are. Even so, at any given moment you can have many things going on inside, including fear and doubt, as well as voices like expectations and "shoulds." Your intuition is often described as located in your gut. When you have head, heart, and indigestion all speaking to you at the same time, things get a little muddled. We'll take the time to find the root of your the things standing in your way so you can identify what you need for your true voice to come through.

The way you have conversations with your intuition is by taking action. That's why we take what we've learning from venturing to deep waters and co-create an action plan to move you on your way.

This is a partnership. The coaching relationship isn't about me giving you "answers." There are only the inklings, nudges, and hints that you discover as your deep truths on this journey. It's a journey about figuring out ways for you to find your inner voice, listen to what it's telling you, and together creating an action plan to bring those nudges, inklings, and hints to life. 

What will you gain?

I've found coaching is valuable for two reasons.

By choosing to work with a coach, you make a commitment to yourself to make this work a priority. There are lots of things that come up on the day to day that get in the way of putting yourself and your own fulfillment first. Working with a coach means you have another person holding you accountable for doing to work so you can actually feel the growth and you have conviction in where your going.

This work is hard. It's not a sequential process that once you make it past a block everything becomes free and easy forever. Each time you return to the work there is an opportunity for more barriers to come up and for more deep learning to unfold. Having a coach accompany you during this process helps you develop the skills to quickly move past those barriers, so you can stop losing time and energy stuck on a block and get spending your precious and beautiful life on the things that matter most to you. 

How will we work together?

We will meet three times per month for 90 minutes. This meeting can take place in person, online video call, or on the phone, or a combination. I ask that you commit to a three month initial coaching relationship, and we will assess how things are going at the end of the three months.

Why three months?

Because at some point in this process things will feel difficult, and you may want to back down and quit. Those periods are key to identifying what's holding you back. It's only through sitting with our discomfort that we can find ways to move forward. While we are not obliged to continue working together by contract, we make an agreement to stay in this work together for the three month initial period.

What is more, research says it takes at least 90 days to fully shift into new habits. When we are working on showing up to your situations or relationships in new ways, we are going to run up against some deeply rooted habits. These are important tools for us in this process, and the three month commitment is how I've seen the best results that last

What people say

“It was so invigorating speaking with Kirsten. There’s great life ahead!”
Lee, entrepreneur and self-published author
“I like the way she allowed me to go in some different directions, trusting that it would end in something of value.”
Howard, new blogger and mastermind behind
Kirsten offers space that is open and allows you to lean into your own intuition to solve your own questions and find your own answers. 
Laura, Non-profit Executive Director
“Kirsten has a very sweet and relaxed personality that put me at ease and gave me space to respond in a relaxed manner. It is truly an art...this warm and patient way of relating.”
Desireé, lifelong yogi, co-creator of Wisdom Warriors training, and co-author of "Fearless After Fifty"
"She will bring the best out of you."
Stephen, former professor, potter, and now juggler, unicycler, one-wheeler, and international speaker at 77
AND Gobinda wrote this poem:

Dear Kirsten,
You are special, I always knew.
You don’t belong to a crowd but to a very few.
The way you endure the shrill thunders and the murder of hopes,
Give me the courage to challenge life’s slippery slopes.
When life stands still
You aim for the hill.
You create rhythm
With your own wave and style,
You march past the barbwire
And make the daffodils smile!
You are my hero, my symbol of courage and my ‘innocent’ friend,
Don’t know what is God but you’re a God-send.

Your commitment

is $2,135 / month for three 90 minute online video call coaching sessions for a minimum of three months. 
If we're a good fit to work together, let the wayfinding and singing in the rain commence!

Make your dreams real at EVERY age.

It’s never too late to feel engaged and passionate about your life.