ONLINE WORKSHOP - Who said the holidays are always happy? How to heal during the holiday season by Aging Courageously

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Who said the holidays are always happy? How to heal during the holiday season

Get my #1 tool for finding enjoyment during the holidays even when someone you love is gone

Ever find yourself wishing to skip over these next few weeks of the year?

Or wondering how everyone else is so happy when everywhere you turn reminds you of someone that's gone? 

Or are you feeling empty when you thought this is supposed to be the "happiest time of the year"? How can it be the holidays without _______?

The holiday season can be the WORST when all it does is remind you of what you don't have. Especially, when someone we love is gone from our holiday table.

There you are moving along your day-to-day, managing just fine, and WHAM an ad, a song on the radio, or the grocery aisle of your favorite holiday food slaps you in the face with a reminder of just how different this year is going to be. 

I’ve been there.

Five months after my dad died, my mom, sisters, and I were dreading the holidays. Not only that, we were clueless about how to make them feel anything near joyous. We didn't know how we were going to keep our traditions alive, and all I could think was: how could Dad possibly miss this?
By the next year, I was so excited for the holidays I was ready for my family’s gift exchange by early October. 

And now, we regularly plan our holiday bashes 9 months in advance. 
You can choose to wish away this holiday time together or you can choose to show up and HEAL together. 

-> Laugh when someone remembers something funny
-> Cry when you miss them a lot 
-> Smile when you see their happy face in past holiday pictures

Because you are here. You deserve to find joy again - maybe not the same as before, maybe in a new and unexpected ways, but here’s what it means: 

You can heal. 

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • my #1 tool for healing this holiday season even when someone you love is gone.
  • the EXACT steps I took to go from dread and loneliness to honest appreciation for this time of togetherness.
  • how to talk about the elephant in the room, a.k.a. the missing person and the emotional grief that comes when someone we love is gone from our holiday table.
  • how to feel good about the festivities you might otherwise have dreaded. 
  • how to find ways to make your traditions bloom now that things are different and your loved one is gone.
  • how to plan and navigate all the logistical decisions (Who will make the toast? Who is going to carve the turkey?) so you can experience this time without added stress and be present to your needs for healing.
  • All with the bonus of reminding us the true reason for the season (hint it’s not just about giving…it’s even deeper) 
Yes, I want this workshop!

Are you thinking...

I’d love to come, but Kirsten, I’m not your next door neighbor. Where is this workshop going to take place?

This workshop is 100% online. When you buy your seat, you will get a link for joining the workshop video call where you can listen in, ask questions, and feel almost like we're in the same room!

Sounds amazing! When is this workshop?

This workshop will take place live on Wednesday, December 12 at 1pm PT.

What if I can’t make that time?

Have no fear! If you can’t make the time or something comes up, I’ll send the replay straight to your email inbox after the live event!

How do I know if this workshop is for me? 

I have one question for you: do you feel like there is something you will be tiptoeing around this holiday season? 

If your answer is yes, this workshop is for YOU! 

This workshop is primarily focusing on experiences about loss and grief, but here’s the secret: grief and loss are some of the MOST taboo topics in our culture. 

So, when you practice the skills to navigate touchy situations like these, you are also developing skills you can use for ANY elephant in the room. (Is it a White Elephant, by chance?)
Join me live for ONLY $55

Here's what a few other folks have said after hopping on calls like this with me...

“Kirsten has a very sweet and relaxed personality that put me at ease... It is truly an art...this warm and patient way of relating.”

“It was so invigorating speaking with Kirsten. There’s great life ahead!”
"She will bring the best out of you."
AND Gobinda wrote me this poem after he joined me for a heart-first talk like this workshop.

Dear Kirsten,
You are special, I always knew.
You don’t belong to a crowd but to a very few.
The way you endure the shrill thunders and the murder of hopes,
Give me the courage to challenge life’s slippery slopes.
When life stands still
You aim for the hill.
You create rhythm
With your own wave and style,
You march past the barbwire
And make the daffodils smile!
You are my hero, my symbol of courage and my ‘innocent’ friend,
Don’t know what is God but you’re a God-send.

See you there!

Lots of love,


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