ONLINE COURSE - A Brief Introduction to Mindful Moving by Aging Courageously

ONLINE COURSE - A Brief Introduction to Mindful Moving

A intro on how to get grounded by listening to your body with Mindful Movement

Did you know...

...the cells that make you up are constantly created and destroyed so the body you are in today is literally different than the one from your past? 

Say what?!

And what's even more amazing is you’ve been living in your body this whole time! 

Talk about fundamental change we have to get comfortable with. 

Even though we know everything changes, we often neglect until we're in pain that part of us that turns over faster than we can say "lickety split!" 

That's our bodies. 

With these three Mindful Moving Video Pauses...

You get a sampling of how mindful  movement works and by taking three different, 2 minute mindful movement pauses to give your body some love and attention.

What is mindful movement?

Mindful movement is a meditative practice at the intersection of movement improvisation and mindfulness.

What's included?

Video Icon 4 videos File Icon 1 file

You get:

What is Mindful Movement?
19.7 MB
Section 1: Say hello to your feet
3 mins
Section 2: Heads up!
3 mins
Section 3: How much are you holding?
4 mins
Section 4: Sending out that body love
2 mins

Today, you may feel great. But let's be real...

Tomorrow, there's no telling what kind of body you're going to be in. Love the skin you're in. 
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